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Skindae Cosmetic

Skindae Whipped Cream Soap Pack of 3 Combo

Skindae Whipped Cream Soap Pack of 3 Combo

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Experience ultimate pampering with our Skindae Whipped Cream Soap Pack of 3 Combo. Featuring three decadent whipped soaps in invigorating scents, these rich and creamy formulas cleanse, moisturize, and leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed. Indulge in a luxurious spa-like experience daily with our nourishing whipped soap trio.

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Immerse yourself in the velvety texture of our unique whipped formula, as it effortlessly transforms into a cloud-like lather, enveloping your skin in a gentle and lavish cleanse. Crafted with care, this body soap not only cleanses but also pampers, leaving your skin feeling exceptionally smooth and moisturized.

Formulated with premium ingredients, this whipped body soap is designed to provide a sensorial experience that goes beyond mere cleansing. Revel in the pleasure of self-care with each use, as the rich lather glides effortlessly, leaving your skin delicately scented and irresistibly soft.

Who it's for

The best bath product you never tried. Made with plant extracts, glycerin and amino acids — and without harsh sulfates, parabens or triclosan — this whipped, velvety soap lathers to leave you clean, moisturized and smelling downright delicious. Even better: this multitasker doubles as a super-smooth shaving cream. And, no liquid. It’s a natural & P.H Balanced helps in brightening and removing dead cells and dust, moisturizes your skincare routine like never before, gives you a super fresh look

How To Use

Scoop or swirl out a portion of soap, apply water as needed to lather and then apply to your body or face. For best experience use it with a loofah!

REMEMBER – A Little goes a long way.



Glycerin (propanetriol), SCI (Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate), AQUA(Distilled Water),CAPB (Cocamidopropyl Betaine), Propylene Glycol(dihydroxypropane), Stearic Acid(octadecanoic acid), Shea Butter(Vitellaria paradoxa), Alovera Extract(Aloe barbadensis), Sweet Almond Oil, Geoguard Ultra**(Natural Perservative) , Phthalate-Free Fragrance (IFRA Certified). Organic Certified Products